Place Stanislas and Arch Héré, jewels of Nancy

Tourists taking photos of the Arc Héré
Tourists amazed by the Arc Héré splendour

Town square of Nancy, its famous Place Stanislas

France is always a great destination for a quick get away. And as much as I like the countryside, the classic architecture of the french cities will never let you down. Place Stanislas is a great example.

Especially relevant, traffic is very bad within the city therefore I suggest you find a parking spot before entering the city and take the bus from there.

Since 1983, the architectural ensemble comprising the Place Stanislas, the extension of its axis, the Place de la Carrière, and the Place d’Alliance, has been on the list of UNESCOWorld Heritage Sites.


Classic architecture at it’s best

place stanislas is a magnificent display of baroque architecture
The magnificent architecture of Place Stanislas shining in the summer sun

If you are lucky to arrive on a sunny day the payoff is full. The way light comes down on the imposing architecture tapped with gold and dark black leaves a mark on the soul.

If you are like me, to droll over a few pieces of great architecture is a must. Hence the town square of Nancy will keep your eyes flooded with beauty for quite some time.

Furthermore the Basilica of Saint Nicholas de Port is within 20 min drive from the city.


Gate Héré is where the square begins and ends

crowd under the Héré in Place Stanislas
Crowd of tourist and locals surrounding Arc Héré


After having done with the architecture, tourists can spend the entire afternoon with a drink at one of the many terraces along the square. People watching is another great option.

This glamorous gate is on the north side of the Place Stanislas and leads the way to the old governor palace. Now the seat of the Lorraine region’s government, still keeps the classic charm. In addition, before you walk out this gate, most noteworthy take a look on your right hand side.

Big queue outside Amorino ice cream shop in Place Stanislas
Big queue outside Amorino ice cream shop in Place Stanislas

Follow the queue.

You’re welcome !


Fanny enjoys an Amorino ice cream in Place Stanislas
Fanny enjoys her favourite ice cream in Place Stanislas

Winter Waves

Snow ski  GoPro and Poiana Brasov

So this year I finally went on to properly put to a good use my GoPro 4. And the place none other than Poiana Brasov.

In february I went back home to Romania to join my family for a ski holiday. We were extremely lucky with the weather. Six days in a row with no cloud in the sky. Once there I set up the GoPro with different mounts on my body. I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding the angles and POVs. The only mount that I didn’t use is the surf one, so to attached the camera on the ski itself. I tried with the suction cup but don’t ever do that. (this is how you learn)

I have two batteries for the camera, and keep an external power bank in the backpack to charge the used battery. I use my iPhone as a monitor. The down side of this is that you can’t properly check your footage if you shoot at high frame rates. That means every night I had to check the footage on the laptop and try to do corrections to the mounts on the next day. For memory cards I use two Sandisk extreme class 10 SD cards, 32GB and 64GB which support about 3 hours of footage.

This is the video that came after six days of lovely weather, good snow on the slopes and the trial test of a great action camera. Please feel free to leave your comments or any improvement ideas below or on the youtube channel.