Lucian Bodnar

Short Story

This is how I got into photogaphy

Long story

This story begins when I was very young, not even in school, and my father owned a small VHS cassette rental in his home town. This was just a few years after the revolution of ’89 when the dictator Ceausescu was removed from power.

After the revolution all sorts of new products stated to flood the romanian markets and stores, among which were Hollywood movies.

Films were not something new to us, we had a few on the national TV chanel which was the only one transmiting before ’89 but most of them were russian propaganda or comunist movies.

Like any other forbiden good, there was also a black market for movies on VHS cassettes, but it was very hard to get hands on them, plus you would need a VHS player to use them. So the simple act of watching a movie was by no means an easy task, it was a delightful pleasure for which you could pay long years in prison.

I like to tell myself that it was like reading a forbidden book on the time of the inqusition.

My father had some friends living in the west and some connections among the party which looked the other way when it came to his hobby, watching movies on saturday nights with friends and family.

And that passion passed on to me, and soon after the revolution, when my father turned his passion into a small business I was overwhelmed by the abbundance of new movies and the stories that were depicting, the heroes, the felons, the tragiedies, the love stories, all these emotions, situations that link all human beings regardless if their nationality, race, religion or even the time when they lived.